How to Cast Spells That Get Results


Every time you make a wish, you are casting a spell. The reason why our wishes don’t come to pass is because we disrupt the flow of energy that would ensure our desired result. We might wish for love, but negate the wish by thinking of ourselves as unworthy of love. Wish canceled, disappointment inevitable. I’m going to show you how to cast spells that work.

To make your wish become reality, you need to reinforce it with a structure. And that structure is a spell. It is a framework for a wish. And by giving it a framework, it is far less likely to be disrupted by conflicting energy blocks.

Spells can range from the very simple, to complicated rituals. As we’re not into complexity, I’m sticking with an easy written spell anyone can do. You don’t need any special powers. You don’t need any special tools, unless you want to add them in for extra oopmh. The point of using candles, crystals, wands etcetera is to reinforce that alignment of energy in your own mind. So, they are fun to use, but not necessary to cast spells.

WARNING: working with energy should be undertaken with only the best intentions. We don’t recommend anyone use magic for ill-doing. Should you proceed with a negative spell, you might find that energy turned right back on you. So, always work for good, not ill.

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Simple Written Money Spell

This very easy spell works by aligning your energy with your intent. This alignment is fundamental in any spell-casting. This spell will ensure you have enough money for the near future. Let’s imagine you are in need of extra money for the winter holidays. 

Tools required: paper and pen. Extras (nice to have, but not essential): green scented candle.

Before you begin: 

A. Write down where you are now. What are you feeling about this lack of money right now? Anxious, depressed, frustrated? We’ll give you an example in a moment.

B. Get clear in your mind what this spell is about. So often, we are vague and woolly in our thinking. In this case, we want to make sure there is enough money for Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate mid-winter. Write down the goal clearly.

So this spell is to get you from where you are now at A. To where you want to be at B.

Casting the Spell

Sit quietly with your paper and pen in front of you. Make sure you have A. and B. written down.

Breathe deeply and steadily. Light your candle, if you are using one. Take a few minutes to relax.

When you are ready, write the following:

  • I’m concerned about not having enough money for Christmas.
  • I don’t know where it will come from.
  • I always managed in previous years.
  • I don’t need a huge amount, just enough will be fine.
  • Sometimes I’m surprised when money comes to me.
  • I love being surprised by unexpected money.
  • Money can come from anywhere.
  • I don’t need to work out how.
  • I can leave it to magic to bring me money.
  • It doesn’t even have to take the form of money.
  • I am going to have a good time with this.
  • I’m not going to worry anymore.
  • Remember, money can come from anywhere.
  • I love that money is energy and flows to me easily.
  • I always have enough.
  • I always have more than enough.
  • I am feeling better already.
  • We’re going to have a wonderful holiday.
  • I can see us all having fun, enjoying everything about it.
  • I’m leaving it up to the Universe to arrange the money, while I get on with organizing it.
  • I’m feeling great.
  • All is well. I have more than enough
  • As I write these words, so must it be.

Sit quietly, imagine the words you just wrote leaving you and flying outward. Feel the feeling of your intent strongly. Imagine the fairies of the universe picking them up, nodding and getting to work. Feel relief wash over you. Now, blow out the candle, forget all about it and get on with your day. 

The important thing to do now is not to interfere with the flowing of energy by continuing to worry about it. When you cast spells, you must have complete faith they are out there working on your behalf. So when those doubts creep in, dismiss them, “money can come from anywhere and I am open to the abundance of the Universe.” Also remember that your wish may be delivered in other ways, not just cash in your pocket. You might get a large refund. You might be given a turkey for your dinner. It could be anything. Put your spell paper somewhere safe and revisit it in January to see how it worked out.

Fairies of the Universe?

I like thinking about the fairies of the Universe. It’s just a metaphor for the movement of energy. Directing energy is the basis of any magical work. Witches use it. Ceremonial magicians also use it. Lucky people have a knack for it without even knowing.

casting a spell

Too much hard work; use a written spell instead.

Cast Spells for Any Wish

It’s simple to adapt this spell for anything at all. Just remember, it’s about moving the energy from where you are and how you are feeling, to your desired outcome and accompanying feeling. It’s helpful to think about feelings when you cast spells because feelings/emotions are the basis of any spell work. You start off uncertain if it will work and, by the end, you have a certain knowing that it’s being dealt with and you no longer have to worry.

So whether you are looking for love, or hoping your lost cat will come home, all you need to do is to write a progressive list. From where you are to where you want to be. Then let go and feel the relief of having the universe at your back.



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