How Do Psychics and Mediums Get Their Information?


Both skeptics of the psychic community and curious individuals alike commonly come to the broad question of how mediums and other individuals possessing psychic abilities are able to possess the information that they do. As clients themselves may come from various backgrounds and experiences, there is some information that cannot simply be guessed – and it is the method behind the gathering of this knowledge that truly intrigues.

Some psychics may stipulate that their methods of receiving their information during readings are personal, vary based on a psychic’s approach, and may not therefore be representative of the universal experience of a psychic.

extra sensory perception

However, while the means of interpretation and approach may vary between psychic individuals, there are nonetheless some communicable ways in which psychics are able to channel their intuition to receive the information that they are able to communicate to their clients during readings. These primarily involve the opening of one’s consciousness to the psychic energy around them – sometimes referred to as the ‘energy internet’ – as well as several divination tools.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Opening Consciousness to Psychic Energy
  • 2 Using Tools of Divination

    • 2.1 Crystals
    • 2.2 Angels & Spirit Guides
    • 2.3 Runes
    • 2.4 Tarot Cards
    • 2.5 Astrology

Opening Consciousness to Psychic Energy

The most important part of information-gathering for an individual with psychic abilities is being able to tap into one’s higher self, as well as the ‘energy internet’ mentioned above.

The term ‘energy internet’ has been adopted by some psychics as a means of explaining the energy psychics are able to access for intuitive purposes. As the internet possesses and provides a plethora of information, so does the energy psychics are able to tap into, permeating every realm of consciousness.

Psychics may perform a small ritual to bring themselves to a state that allows them to be more receptive to the energy that supports their most powerful intuitive abilities. While some psychics may solely rely on this method to access the ‘energy internet’ that is imperative to their readings, others may – according to the requests of clients as well – utilize other psychic tools in order to obtain the information that may be relayed to clients.

Both psychics and their prospective clients are encouraged to keep an open line of communication between one another, as it is important to match the desires of the client to the capabilities or specialty of the psychic.

Using Tools of Divination

crystals, runes, and candles

Over time and by further developing and honing their natural psychic intuition, psychics can determine how they are best able to access their psychic energy. The divination tools detailed below are those most common among practicing psychics as instruments or guiding principles capable of helping one access the most powerful corners of their developed intuition for readings.


Crystals are a tool commonly used by those who practice clairvoyance. Also known as the ‘second sight’, tapping into one’s clairvoyant abilities can provide access to visions and other answers to questions posed by a psychic’s clients.

There are numerous crystals commonly utilized by psychics, each possessing its own energetic properties for different uses. It is up to the psychic to determine which may be most helpful for the purpose of focusing their attention.

Angels & Spirit Guides

Psychics may also refer to their team of spiritual entities – referred to interchangeably in the psychic community as Angels or Spirit Guides – to gain information relevant to their clients. Mediums are able to interpret messages containing wisdom surpassing human knowing that is delivered to them through their Spiritual Guides.

The guidance and direction provided by these spiritually pure entities may be either broad in their wisdom or specific, and therefore able to provide unique recommendations that can address particular concerns or situations.


Runes are special symbols that – for the purpose of psychics and their abilities – are historically derived from Norse language and mythology. Similar to tarot cards, runes may be drawn or cast and then laid out in a spread on a flat surface to be ‘read’ by the psychic.

Rumored to have been first gifted to mortals by the Norse god, Odin, runes are generally considered by the psychic community as a useful tool for tapping into one’s unconscious.

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Tarot Cards

As one of the more recognizable divination tools, tarot cards provide psychics with specific images and messages that can be interpreted to answer the questions of clients, as well as offer potential strategies of action. Tarot cards may be used singularly – that is, a psychic may utilize only a single card – or as part of a complex spread of cards laid out by the psychic to gather information.


Although not a singular tool per say, the ancient science of astrology can be used by psychics to foresee and predict events.

The rich history of astrology, dating back to ancient Greece, informs those who endeavor to learn and interpret the knowledge of the zodiac and planets (referred to as astro-data). This knowledge has been passed along throughout history as a means of predicting the timing of future events.

Through study of this science, psychics can develop actionable methods to combine their astrological knowledge with their psychic intuition in order to obtain and share the information most relevant to their clients.


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